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If you are thinking about supporting CYM then volunteering your time and talents would be a great way of doing so. At CYM volunteers are organized through the Friends of CYM.

Please note that during lockdown FCYM continues to support CYM virtually through the rainy day fund we have raised over past years. You can find out more about our normal activities below.

The Friends of CYM (FCYM) is a vibrant community made of parents and relatives of current and former CYM students. At any one time, we have typically over fifty active volunteers who contribute whatever skills they wish: some bake, some design and edit posters or magazines, some fundraise, some run bars at events and concerts, some take pictures. All help and contributions are warmly welcome.

Just contact us at if you want to join the team and help.


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FCYM’s aim is threefold:

Make CYM a fun place to be with a strong sense of community by

  • Running a Saturday canteen offering home-made cakes and sandwiches
  • Organising great events throughout the year, for example:
    • Wine tasting evening
    • Music sale (sale of donated sheet and recorded music)
    • Clutter buster
    • Bar and refreshments at concerts
    • Raffle
    • Leavers’ mementoes

Help promote CYM in London with:

  • The publication of Upbeat, a termly magazine which portrays the exciting life at CYM
  • The organization of two Open Days in the Spring Term

Support CYM by:

  • Complementing the work of FYM through raising additional money for the acquisition, repair and maintenance of instruments, for activities such as master classes and workshops, and for travel costs for students attending external festivals and events.
  • Coordinating the collection and the refurbishment of unused instruments generously donated to FCYM: Rescue-and-liberate-your-musical-instruments
  • Providing licensed chaperones to enable CYM students to accept invitations to perform at major public venues, including the Royal Festival Hall, the Royal Albert Hall, the Globe Theatre, Abbey Road Recording Studios, Trafalgar Square, etc.


Match Giving Scheme

Regularly the efforts of our volunteers and donors are further enhanced by the generosity of their employers. Match giving is a scheme where a company will match the amount raised at a fund raising event that an employee is involved in. These schemes are often managed by HR or it may be something that a Chief Executive takes an interest in even if an official scheme is not in place. Do approach your employer and enquire.

FCYM membership

Parents and relatives are welcome to continue as Friends after their young musicians have moved on from CYM. They can join us as Subscribing Friends of CYM, a special group of people who directly support our young musicians through an annual membership. In the current situation this scheme is even more important than usual to help FCYM carry out its mission. In return Subscribing Friends receive Upbeat and invitations to CYM events.

If you would like information about subscribing please email

DBS check (Disclosure & Barring Service)

We strongly encourage our active friends to be DBS checked. For volunteers this is free!  Please contact the CYM office for more details on this:

FCYM: a registered charity

FCYM is a registered charity so all donations to FCYM can be gift aided to further benefit CYM.

We are very grateful for the support offered by our financial team from the treasurer, to gift aid specialist, to financial independent reviewer.