Celebrating 120 years of excellence in youth music

In 2020 CYM will turn 50 and in 2021 the LSSO will turn 70. We now have an opportunity through the anniversaries of both of these incredible organisations to shine a spotlight on 120 years of combined youth music making in London and invite businesses, charitable trusts, individuals – parents and music-enthusiasts alike – to help build our FYM Bursary Fund to secure musical opportunities for talented young people in future generations.

Our Target

FYM’s target is to raise £1 million by 2021, providing bursary support for another 1,000 talented students who would otherwise be unable to study at CYM and benefit from the opportunities of membership of the LSSO over the next 10 years.

CYM is one of the only places that offers such diversity in music and gives young people the opportunity to try out different types of music, from classical to jazz and I want to help young kids have the opportunity to go there, like I did. 

JB Gill

Online Gala Celebrations

CYM will launch its anniversary appeal online on Wednesday 10th June, 2020 at 7pm, with contributions from past alumni including Vincent Lindsey-Clark, once of CYM’s first students and faculty member, as well as former students: Christopher Warren-Green, John Lenehan, Vashti Hunter and Django Bates, along with 50 current CYM Students.

The ‘live’ Gala has been postponed until January 11th 2021 when CYM will join forces with its flagship group – LSSO – which is celebrating its 70th anniversary. 


The Centre for Young Musicians (CYM) relies on support from music lovers who want to help young people continue their music education regardless of their family circumstance. If you would simply like to make a donation – any amount is extremely welcome.

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Would your business like to help talented young Londoners play music?

CYM is staging a series of mini pop-up concerts across city businesses this year to promote the Young at Heart appeal. Find out more by downloading our Brochure or visiting the Music in the City web page

For more information on our Young at Heart appeal please contact FYM’s Directors of Fundraising:

Jackie Inverdale, fym@cym.org.uk, 07540 263498

Claire Barlow, fym@cym.org.uk, 07709 442852

There is no way my parents could have provided by their own means the thorough and inspiring music education I received at CYM. Luckily they had the foresight to send me to an inner London school, making me eligible for programme.

Django Bates